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We believe in working smart, having fun, and breaking traditional workplace norms. We preach and embrace the Rework methodology because it makes us happy. At Rabbut, there’s nothing more important than our team culture. We’re more than just people who work together; We're family, and at the end of the day, we ARE the company.


Front End Web Developer

A determined, ambitious and hard-working front-end web developer is required by Rabbut to become part of their growing association. The successful candidates would be asked to take care of the final product in terms of carrying out testing, building, debugging, troubleshooting clean, web standards compliant code and collaborating with server-side developers.

  • Required to have full-fledged knowledge of Javascript such as jQuery, Backbone, Angular, Closure, NodeJS etc).
  • Professional translating skills which requires accurate translating of wireframes and comps into precise web templates.
  • Skills in identifying principles of adaptive design and having them translated into responsive and fluid templates.
  • Good command on dealing with in producing cross platform that is, browser compatibility (Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE etc) in order to execute dynamic applications.
  • Good at managing and handling accessibility and load time reduction as per web standards.
  • SEO knowledge is plus point.
  • Applicants with knowledge of source/version control software will be preferred (GIT and SVN).
  • Ability of easily collaborating with respective groups impeccable writing skills.
  • Has proper knowledge of Django, PHP, Drupal etc
  • Over 3 years of professional experience.
  • Undeniable abilities of managing bulk and time along with a “go-to” attitude.
  • Preferred applicants with prior association of XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript etc.
  • Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills.


Rabbut is interested in some passionate and creative writers to become part of its team. The writers that are required need to have a solid understanding of producing content which engages every kind of audience. The writers are required to be fully in charge of creating the best relevant content and also to insure user-friendly environment.

  • Over 3 years of experience independently while over 2 years of experience working with an agency.
  • Versatility in content attracting all kinds of audience with impeccable copyediting skills.
  • Good eye for creating relation between written and visual content.
  • Well versed in SEO friendly knowledge.
  • A keen eye for recognizing different content along with catching up hard deadlines.
  • Exceptional communicating skills both within the team and with the clients.

Senior Project Manager

The perfect candidate is required to have at least 6 to 8 years of experience and over to take complete responsibility for tasks like managing and interacting for development of technicality and designing. Have sufficient amount of experience of working in an agency environment along with tactical skills of time management and dealing with critical components.

  • Will manage the tasks of handling project teams and coming up with management strategies.
  • Have the skills of keeping head to toe records of teams and their projects and ensuring completion of work as per scheduled.
  • Have unrequited skills of “making-it-all-happen” before critical deadlines, managing schedules, organization projects and ensuring budget.
  • Multi-tasking is a must ability along with working side-by-side with junior managers to keep in the bulk flow.
  • Have ability of prioritizing projects and implementing immediate steps for achieving project goals.
  • Has a keen eye for identifying potential future problems along with quick smart solutions.

Interaction Designer

Rabbut requires interaction designers who have full-fledged knowledge of developing architectural information for online interactions, web and products. Rabbut is looking for someone who understands the need of presenting the product in terms of the goals of the audience and their behavior. Efficient amount of time for researching and experimentation would be given to produce the best interactive work.

  • Have the right eye of recognizing the product`s business requirements, features and mandate.
  • Interested in becoming part of fieldwork and user testing.
  • Has abilities of creating interaction models, usage scenarios and personas.
  • Has stamina in dealing with heart-wrenching details along with creating functional prototypes.
  • Develop processes that are able enough to collaborate with a large number of team mates, clients and third parties.


Rabbut is gladly welcoming a talented recruiter who has the skill of creating the relationship necessary among the internal management teams and create ways of making a bridge between the workers and their goals. The recruiter Rabbut requires must be the ultimate recruiter of both talent and hard work. A recruiter has amazing skills of organizing and creating paths for our creative and UX department to fulfill their roles without any disaster.

  • Must have past association of working for creative and UX positions as an able recruiter. The candidate with absolute experience of working especially internally with Hiring Managers for recruiting people that have unending passion for their jobs. Must not have a “just go with the flow” attitude.
  • Has good relations with the industry.
  • Hawk eye for even tiniest of details and strong organizing skills.
  • Undoubted skills of pulling out excellent candidacy skills for gathering a team of dedicated workers.
  • Exceptional communication skills is a plus point along with diplomatic skills.
  • Has good taste in the present trends and also for visual representation.

Analytics Lead

The analytical lead wanted by Rabbut will be given the task of supervising data collection in accordance with the development work for clients along with collaborating with product strategy, UX and Tech teams in order to maintain a flawless flow of data. The job of an analytical group is to critically assess data and produce insights around optimizing sites and ROI. Rabbut`s analytics Lead would be in-charge of developing strategies in the processing of data smoothly.

  • At least a Bachelor`s degree from a top-notch school.
  • Candidates must at least 3 years of experience fulfilling web development roles along with accurate skills in tagging development.
  • Professional level background in development of HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, SQL, Python etc.
  • A plus point having knowledge of Google Analytics reporting platforms as well as Omniture (Adobe SiteCatalyst).
  • Talent for using Tag Management Systems which also includes Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager and Google Tag Manager.
  • Thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries by having deep passion for fashioning amazing analytical reports and data fabrications.
  • Excellent communication skills and verbal communication with a versatile group.
  • A strong understanding of the development of A|B and multivariate testing platforms.
  • Marvelous talent for coming up with immediate solutions and technical remedies.

SEO Lead

SEO department at Rabbut is one of the most efficient group working towards the development of content, designing, digital marketing and coming up with strategies to hold good client attractions. Our SEO group is responsible for apprehending astounding digital strategies for meeting marketing, creative website monetization and social media goals for clients.

  • Professional experience of working over 4 to 6 years in SEM/SEO in web, digital, web and mobile environment.
  • Good at handling immense pressure and strict deadline along with analytical handling of Google Analytics and Omniture.
  • In-depth knowledge of picking out and using relative sources and tools for data usage.
  • Have good hands at dealing with multi-projects along with adherence to technical audits.
  • Having talent of quickly building strong relation with the industry and clients.

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