This Email Address Belongs to Who?

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This Email Address Belongs to Who?

Kate Chan

Someone just reached out to you by email. You have never seen that email address before nor do you know who is behind this email address. Your curiosity kicks in, what do you do? Google it. That only works most of the time when the email is from a Google email service provider. But what about the times that you find zilch about who is behind the email address?

In turns out there are two ways to go around finding more information about this email address.


I turn to Facebook because who doesn’t have a Facebook account. Simply put in the email address in question into the search bar. Facebook search bar takes emails address as a search query. If the person register his/her email with that email address then Facebook will bring up the person’s suggestion there.


An another way to know a bit more about this sender is by finding out where is the email send from geographically. Click on the arrow icon on the upper corner of the email message. Click on show original. You will arrive at a page with what seems like gibberish to you at first glance.

Look for the received by: [ ] 

You will take that string of numbers and plug it into IP tracker tool. This will give you a good idea of where the sender is located.

That’s it for now on email tips. Hope it helps!


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