12 Online Dating Red Flags To Look Out For

Online dating apps are a haven for scammers, f*ckboys, adulterous and narcissists. It’s imperative that you are aware of some of the most common online dating red flags, so that you don’t fall for scams or become involved with the wrong men!

Here are some common online dating red flags that you may want to pay attention to:

  1. Men telling you exactly what they think “chicks dig” too soon. For example, if they come on too strong and profess undying love, exclusivity, a committed relationship, a long term future, having babies and children, describing and talking about weddings, etc. You need to watch out.
  1. Love bombing (he is a scammer, narcissist or a stalker)

    This is one I find that women tend to fall for a lot. Especially during this time of covid. When a woman is feeling lonely or desperate, she is much more likely to fall for this online dating red flag, so you have to be extra careful and look out for signs that this may be happening to you. Here’s some more information on love bombing.
  2. If they tell you early on that they have “deleted my profile to focus only on you” when they barely know you. Often, men like this online are scammers, f*ckboys, or even stalkers.
  3. You receive messages from them at weird times throughout the day. This can mean that he is in a totally different timezone to you, and could very well be a scammer from a country far across the world.
  4. If you start talking to a man and he goes off the radar for some time without warning, and when he comes back he uses the following excuses about himself: that he is a pilots, an oil rig worker, in the military, is billionaire businessman. (These are common explanations that scammers use to justify and explain away their strange absences.)
  1. If he is not available on evenings and weekends. This one is pretty obvious. It likely means that he is already married and trying to hide it from you so he can “get some on the side”.
  1. He claims to be a particular ethnicity, however when you check Facebook, all his friends locations indicate a very different location.
  2. He has outstanding arrest warrants – in the US, these are public records.
  3. If he very quickly explains that he just moved here or lost his job and asks if he can crash at your place. This is a bad one, as he probably just wants to leech off you.
  1. From early on, he appears to be a gift sender. Often, this can mean that he just wants your address and eventually will want or ask for a bank account number. This is typical behavior of an online daring scammer.
  1. If he never takes you to his place. (Obviously this can mean that he is already married.)
  2. If you try to search his facebook and find that his pics from recent times (ie: last week perhaps), show him with a wife or a girlfriend, though he claims that he’s single.

Those are the 12 biggest and most common online dating red flags. Do you have any to add to this list? Share them in the comments below!