Can Chemistry Between a Man and a Woman Grow?

Can Chemistry Between a Man and a Woman Grow?

A lot of women ask the question “can chemistry grow if it isn’t there to begin with?”

They often lament that a guy has treated them nicely and they like him, but after couple of dates they are not sure whether there can be any chemistry between them.

They say that the guy likes them a lot, so there is hope there, but they feel a lot less than the man does for them.

The truth is that it is not often that you meet a guy who is kind and is a gentleman, so if you do meet one, you should try to appreciate it.

But despite trying to appreciate it, what if the downside is that he is not a good kisser and the chemistry is non existent?

The question is, can this change and grow, and can you create chemistry?

Some women make the mistake of judging a lack of chemistry on the way a man kisses, for example. However, this can be changed with time. Some men just aren’t as experienced in that department.

Chemistry can be created

Here’s the short of it: chemistry can be created.

People often mistake chaotic chemistry for real chemistry. This is probably because chaotic chemistry can be arousing. And if the arousal isn’t there, they are stumped.

Kissing can be taught. That requires communication, patience and willingness.

Nice and kind are the greatest aspects of a person.

The smart thing to do, rather than just blowing off a perfectly nice guy, is to give it a chance, a little while longer. Give both of you time to get to know one another.

Find out: can you get along? Can you attune to each other? Do you value the same things?

Instead of focusing heavily on sexual or immediate chemistry, focus on the men with whom you can grow together. These are the ones women should consider, instead of getting hung up on having these crazy type of relationships that make you feel high on dopamine all the time, but in the end can actually make you feel drained.

Have fun with it. And consider yourself lucky to have found a man who is kind, rather than toxic. That is not so easy in this day and age where people are more confused, misdirected and unsure than ever.

As long as you aren’t turned off by a man, chemistry can really grow through the connection that you have with each other.

You Can Guide a Guy to Become A Good Kisser

Here’s a piece of advice for the high value ladies who feel like they re dating a nice guy, but don’t like his kissing.

Take his head in your hands and ask him if it’s ok for you to show him how you like to be kissed.

Tell him to relax and follow your lead. You can turn a bad kisser into a good kisser that way.

If you put your hands gently and guide a man that way, there’s no pressure, no “talk” about it that could make him put his defenses up and feel more anxiety, it’s just an opportunity to engage in a great kiss with you!

Remember, kissing is something that a man can learn reasonably quickly with the right guidance, but being kind and respectful towards a woman is a lot longer a process (if not impossible) if they already have a lot of trauma or are simply a narcissist.

In conclusion, it is much better to rely on building chemistry with a good man than it is to rely on having chaotic, sometimes draining chemistry with a toxic man! Here’s an article on 7 factors which reveal chemistry between people.