3 Rules to Follow If You Want to Find A Commitment Oriented Man Online

3 Rules to Follow If You Want to Find A Commitment Oriented Man Online

A lot of women ask me the question: are men all just completely commitment-phobic?

Are there ANY men who will commit to me anymore? If there are, how do I find them?

And more recently, a lot of women are saying that due to the coronavirus pandemic, lots of men online seem to be even more commitment-phobic than before.

First of all, to answer that question, remember that online dating is an ocean.

However even during a global pandemic, there are and will always be plenty of men ready for commitment!

When dating online or in general (but especially when dating online), whether you will find a man who can commit to you emotionally is all about your personal mindset and approach!

If you trust and believe there are men out there who are willing to commit (there are plenty!), you will see that and find that. If you choose to believe the opposite, then you will find that!

It all depends on what you choose to see and believe in! Most men, just like most women crave that connection, that’s why focusing on “don’t wants” early on in dating and when getting to know someone actually works against you because it kills the vibe!

Here are 3 things you must do if you want to find a commitment ready man online

Make a point to follow these 3 simple rules!

1: Focus on setting a standard of how your dream relationship looks, and settle for nothing less.

2: Maintain healthy boundaries with every man you meet and date.

3: Be open to know the person standing in front if you!

Of course there will be some men who are looking to prey on women, but that’s why you have to be very observant of men’s behaviour and not only focus on what they say.

Any man can promise you the commitment you’re searching for, but consistency in actions over time is the key. Remember that players don’t have time for consistency in their actions!

And always remember….there are people getting married and committing to each other for life, every. Single. Day.

Regardless of what country or city you live in, I am 100% sure that if you go to city hall and/or church to check their marriage registers, they have a whole bunch of people committing to each other on a regular basis!

Limiting beliefs or scarcity mindset in dating will not help you if you truly want to find a commitment ready man.

Remember that there is one thing that will stop you from finding a man to commit to you emotionally, and that is that the energy that we radiate matters. A lot.

A lot of women are so eager to dive back into dating while still unhealed from previous dating experiences which will mostly end in the same pattern as before.

In other words, they’ll attract and encounter that same experience, jut with a different man!

It is easy to become a bit frustrated when dating, especially online dating – which requires a lot of patience to swim in that ocean of options.

However, just because is not happening to you right this moment, doesn’t mean that commitment-minded men don’t exist or that a great, committed relationship will never happen to you in the future!


Keep your mind and heart open, look for examples of commitment in the world around you, and stick to the three rules for finding a commitment friendly man online.