How To Know If a Guy is Dating Safely During Covid?

How can you suss out if a guy on bumble is being safe and responsible with Covid before meeting him?

It’s a good question. Everyone is different regarding how they feel during the cover 19 pandemic, however you may not want to meet him if he has been in close contact with lots of other people, or worse, doesn’t take the virus seriously.

It’s definitely risky getting to know new men online in this era of cover, as you don’t know their history. You also cannot trust a stranger to tell you the truth about their behaviour. Also, any man you potentially meet may harbour a different idea of what it means to “be careful”. Their idea of being careful could be very different from yours. If you’re going to date, just remember that there will be a risk.

Here’s something to think about. If he’s willing to meet up with you 99% of the time he’s meeting others.

Treat Everyone As If They Have The Virus

So how do you approach dating men? Yo can start by treating everyone as if they have the virus.

Don’t just listen to claims like “I’ve been lockdown and not meeting with anyone” or “I’ve been tested” etc.

If you’re going to meet up with anyone at all during this time, follow social distancing and mask rules as they recommend for people outside your household. Wear your mask and practice physical distancing.

This of course, doesn’t take away from your responsibility to find out as much about the way he’s approaching the virus as possible.

Spend a little time getting to know him and ask what he has been up to. Ask yourself if you are comfortable if he has been out socializing but not kissing people?

Listen to how each man has been spending his time and go from there.

Find Out If He’s Willing to Get Tested

Another important thing to remember is to ask a man if he’s willing to get tested or not. And while waiting for the results, perhaps you can do a video chat. Lots of women have been getting lots of video dates using the concept of high value banter during the time of coven. You can try it to.

After you’ve “met” a man on video or virtually, discuss the topic of cover with him.

Ask him how he’s approaching dating – or seeing his friends – under the current circumstances. It will quickly become apparent if he is not the type of guy to take covid 19 seriously.

Of course, whether or not you continue dating a man who doesn’t take the virus seriously is entirely up to you.

What’s also important to remember is that there’s not much difference between meeting you and anyone else. The risk to both of you of catching the virus is the same.

Remember That Many People Will Be Asymptomatic

Remember that many people are asymptomatic. Again, treat everyone as if they have the virus. The distinction is in whether they are willing to go out and get tested or not.

If and when you get to the point of meeting this man in person, continue to meet under social distancing guidelines.

Here’s an idea for where and how you can have a first in person date with a man: you can meet on a terrace or in a park where you can be spaced properly and not have to do contact tracing with every new acquaintance.

And here’s some further information on how to protect yourself and others from the virus.