13 GOOD Reasons Why Young Men Are Interested in Older Women

Why are young men interested in older women?

Here’s a question a lot of women ask themselves: why are young men interested in older women? Are they genuinely interested? Or are they just stringing them along?

They are usually not stringing an older woman along. If a younger man is in an exclusive relationship with you, chances are that he is there for you, rather than being there for ulterior motives.

As lots of older women who have dated young guys have told me, of the guys they have dated who were younger…none of them were using them for anything.

If he is a good man, then he is dating you because he likes you and enjoys your company.

Here are 13 good reasons why men are interested in older women:

1: No drama.

Younger women tend to engage in more emotional drama, whereas older women have learned a bit more about what drama or issues are worth letting go of and what are worth holding on to.

This is the benefit of more experience and perhaps the feeling of having been worn down already by the unnecessary dramas in life, and therefore not wanting anything to do with it anymore.

Young women have a lot more time and energy for idle gossip and silly dramas. Older women might still engage in dramatizing at times, but in general, it’s a lot less.

2: Older women know where they are going in life.

They already know what they want in life and go for it. Due to this fact, it’s easier for a man to see his own value in this woman’s life. He knows where he stands and there’s no uncertainty as to whether this woman’s future career might lead her to choose the career over her man.

Instead, most older women’s careers are set in stone, and they’ve usually decided what they want to do and have gotten comfortable doing it.

3: They are more confident and secure.

Confidence is sexy. This confidence that comes from being older might be due to the fact that they are more experienced of course. Hence, they have a been there, done that attitude.

Last but not least, older women are more comfortable with their bodies and sexuality.

When women are young, they tend to get caught up in unnecessary social judgements and peer group pressures that add to their body image issues and self esteem issues.

Whereas, when a woman has aged a little, she has only got the really good friends left in her life. Usually the less bad friends and poo peer groups, the better, because better friends means more esteem and confidence for the older woman.

4: Older women are smart, well traveled and more knowledgeable.

When a woman is smarter and more well travelled, she has more to bring to the relationship, because she appreciates how people in different countries struggle. Of course, she’s seen how people in other countries do things differently and can afford to be less judgemental of everyone around her.

Of course, not every older woman is non judgemental. There are some very resentful, judgemental older women out there, but for most emotionally healthy older women who are well travelled, they’ve learned to appreciate different cultures and learned that there’s a lot more to the world than their own little universe.

5: Older women are more financially secure.

More financial security means that there is less financial burden on a man when and if they get married. That is only a bonus in a committed relationship!

6: Most older women have had their children

And the fact that they have had their children, often means that they have themselves all the way together without the assistance of a man!

Since many older women are often done having kids, men can feel less pressure to commit right away.

With this pressure taken off the need for commitment, men can relax in a relationship more and be themselves.

7: They know how to engage in self care.

For example, they are better at committing to self soothing, self reflecting, and taking responsibility or accountability for themselves.

8: As women get older, they laugh at themselves more.

Life isn’t so serious for them. When you’ve been around the block, you learn a thing or two about what’s really important in life. Only age can cement that into most people.

9: Older women carry themselves different to younger women.

Older women are generally more poised, less pressured by poor peer groups, and their bodies and their actions match their words better. They also play less games, since they don’t have the time for that.

10: There are less demands with older women.

They are calmer when it comes to relationships and since they tend to have fewer obsessive insecurities, they demand less attention and are less draining for a man.

This often equates to less clinging, because older women have more going on in their lives.

11: Better, deeper conversations

Since older women have more experience, men can have better quality conversations with them and older women tend to be more engaging conversationally.

12: They get what it really means to have a great time.

Older women have generally had to take on more responsibilities. As such, they can’t afford to use alcohol, social media or drugs to have a great time.

Instead, older women have often found their own ways to have a great time and in a more natural way. That may be through their own hobbies that they’ve developed outside of chasing a man, or it could just be through developing better friendships as time went on.

13: Older women have more sexual experience.

This is appealing for a man, because women with more sexual experience have gotten to know their bodies and what they like. This makes having sex with an older woman easier, and the man gets to feel more successful in the bedroom, since an older woman would be more confident in what they want.

Those were the 13 good reasons why younger men like (and choose) older women. Not every younger man chooses an older woman. After all, when two people are at completely different stages of life, it can get hard to maintain a relationship in the long-term.

However, as you can see from this list, there are many legitimate reasons why a man would find it appealing to not only date, but commit to an older woman!