How to hide your true identity (your real email address) with an email alias

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How to hide your true identity (your real email address) with an email alias

Tiffany Sun

Note: this is for business Gmail users only.

Ever wanted a “fake” email to send and receive messages without worrying about checking multiple accounts?

Well, what you’re looking for is an email alias. 

An alias is like the cover-up for your real email address. Think of movie star names vs their actual names. Email aliases are like movie star names. They’re used when you don’t want to give out your real identity, but still want to reach out to people.

Email aliases can get pretty confusing, so let me describe with visuals:

Funnel Diagram: You can receive messages through each of your aliases and they’ll all directly go to your real email inbox. On the flipside, you can send messages from all channels (aliases & real email address)
Funnel Diagram: You can receive messages through each of your aliases and they’ll all directly go to your real email inbox. On the flipside, you can send messages from all channels (aliases & real email address)

When someone emails your alias, it’ll show up in your main account’s inbox. But when you send messages from any of your aliases, people will see it coming from your alias and not from your main email.

In businesses, email aliases normally include a first and last name followed by the company name. (Ex.

If Jen wanted an email alias, it could be or

Note: you can’t make an alias that points to a different server address. For example, can’t be changed to

Why should I make an email alias?

Easier to remember

making memorable email aliases

Ever had to recall a crazy long email? Chances are, you probably messed up when spelling it, which is why email aliases are perfect! Because then you can shorten it or make one that’s very memorable. That way, people can reach out to you more easily. Not to mention, there definitely would be less bounced emails.

Gives you a 2nd chance to reach out to people

2nd chance or plan B email alias

Maybe you had a horrible day or your fingers slipped. Either way, that can lead to a bad impression on your first email. How about starting fresh with a new email alias? If you do, you can mend the problems and restore your brand name. Just make sure your alias name is completely different than your real name. Otherwise, you might get caught. 3rd chance? Not very likely.

Create VIP names

VIP title names email alias

Not a lot of business owners know, but seeing email names like vip@, ceo@, exec@, or director@ can effectively change how people respond to them. I discovered that firsthand while eating lunch at Asianbox — the small print on their receipt caught my attention. “Please contact me at to share your experience.” I thought this was absolutely ingenious — to provide not only great customer service but to build your brand behind important titles.

How do I know this is an email alias? Google it with quotes. You’ll won’t find that email address from their site or anywhere else, except in the Yelp comments.

Even if you don’t need an email alias now, it’s a good thing to learn. Eventually, you’ll have to set one up if you’re planning to do business.

How to create your new email alias:

create email alias step guide

Step 1: Create new email alias

  1. Go to your company gmail (or the owner account that holds all the business emails).
  2. Click the 9-square grid icon on the top and go to Admin button. Or if you feel like taking shortcuts, here’s the direct Google Admin link.
  3. Go to Users. Click the user account you want the email alias to be under.
  4. Click Account. Under Aliases, Add an alias. Then type the name of your alias in the email field. Save changes.

Step 2: Set email alias on your gmail account

  1. Log into your main user account.
  2. Click the gear on the top right, then hit settings.
  3. Go to Accounts. Under Send mail as, click Add another email address you own. Enter your email alias in the email field (make sure Treat as an alias is checked). Click Next Step.
  4. In the same box, check Reply from the same address the message was sent to. This will automatically set the rest of your replies with the same address you initially emailed with.

Step 3: Test your email alias

  1. Open a new message (you should see your main email and the alias in the From bar). Click main email address. Write a subject and a brief message to your alias account. Send.
    email message, alias test trial
    Write a brief message to test your new email alias
  2. Check your main email inbox. You should instantly get the message in your inbox.
    email inbox, email alias testing
    My inbox: I just received the message from to

    If you receive the message, congratulations!!! Your email alias works!

email alias verification testing good
Opened message: A close-up of the sender & recipient details

You can open the message and double-check the details by hovering your mouse over the down arrow under the sender’s name.

Quick note: you can add up to 30 email aliases per user.

I hope you found this guide easy to do. If you think it’s easier than Google’s guide (which I found it hard to digest), please share with us at Rabbut. Otherwise, if there’s any questions you have regarding email aliases, let me know. 🙂

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