Five Ways to Revive a Dead Medium Post

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Five Ways to Revive a Dead Medium Post

Kate Chan

The average shelf life for a Medium post is a week.

If you write on Medium often, you’ll notice that your stats may look something like this.


Once your post reach that seventh day, views start to diminish, recommends start to taper off. Your heart sunk a little because you spend hours working on a post and you wish that you can garner more eyeballs.

Below are five ways that can help you extent the shelf-live of a Medium post.



Each publication has its own following. What that translates to is no two publication will share the same group of audiences. There may be overlap audiences, but never the same set of readers.

With that thinking in mind, when you submit your post to Publication A, you can be certain that Publication A gives you exposure that Publication B couldn’t give you. That’s why after day 7 of publishing on Publication A, you can submit your post to Publication B to garner more eyeballs from a different set of audiences.

If you’re looking for a new publication to submit your old Medium post to, here’s a the top 10 Medium publication for 2016.




Cross linking is an easy way to re-introduce an old Medium post of yours by hyperlinking to it within your new post. A cross linking example is something I did earlier by re-introducing a post Tiffany wrote a few months back on the top ten Medium publication for 2016.

I also took a non-scientific approach on finding the stats behind the number of people landed on my old Medium posts by clicking on the links I’ve put in my Medium posts. Want to know the results? Sign up here.



Ever notice that businesses tweet the same content multiple times throughout the day, even weeks? While many of us think it’s a bad idea to tweet the same content multiple times, it’s actually a smart move if you want your tweet to get noticed.

The reasoning behind tweeting the same content multiple times is because not all your Twitter followers are on the feed at the time you tweet. To solve this problem, you can tweet the same tweet repeatedly at different times. Doing so will increase the chances of your followers seeing your latest piece on Medium.



Putting suggested reads by the end of your posts is a great way to promote your old, but related content to your readers.

Have you noticed that when you shop online, the store also has something for you that you may be interested in buying? Same thinking applies here.



Writing email to your Medium readers is a great way to communicate with your readers outside of Medium platform. Depend on the nature and style of your newsletters, I generally like to throw in a few old Medium posts from time to time, depending on the context of my newsletters of course.

To collect emails from my Medium readers, I use Rabbut.



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