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Rabbut FAQs

1) What’s the difference between the (free) Starter Plan and Pro Plan?

The Starter Plan lets you collect emails on Medium, Linkedin, and personal sites for free. That means you can use our email subscription form for all platforms as well as the story cards for Medium, anytime.

The Pro Plan gives you everything the Starter Plan provides with the following features:

When you sign up for a Starter account or for a Pro account, you get two weeks free trial in Pro so you can see what Rabbut has to offer. Once the two-week trial ends, your account will automatically revert back to Starter.

2) I understand Rabbut collects emails from my readers. Does it also send emails out to my readers?

Yes, we send out email updates to your readers every time you publish a new post on Medium. If you prefer, you can also send emails to your readers with your email service provider, like Mailchimp. This feature is part of our Pro Plan, which you can try out for two weeks (free!) after you sign-up or pay $10/mo.  

3) How do I sync my Rabbut email list to my email service provider?

Simple! Choose the email list you want to sync on the Rabbut dashboard, then hit +Connect Mailchimp List. Log in with your Mailchimp account, and choose the email list you want to sync with Rabbut.

Don’t use Mailchimp?

Let us know which email marketing platform you use at, and we’ll bump that up towards our priority list.

4) How can I send notifications to my subscribers?

You’ll need to turn the Trigger button on in order to send notifications to your subscribers. Just click Triggers under the email list you want to send notifications to, then click the toggle button under Active so it says Yes.

Once you publish a post on Medium, your subscribers will automatically get a notification in their inbox. Keep in mind only Pro Plan users have this.

5) Why is my email collecting box not showing up on my blog post?

That shouldn’t happen! Here’s what you can do:

  1. Copy-paste the subscription link to your blog post again and press enter. Wait a few seconds, and the link should expand to a subscription box.
  2. Go to Rabbut dashboard to your email form, tweak the text in your subscription box, then hit “Save & Get Code.” You’ll get a new link – paste that into your blog post, hit enter, wait a few seconds, and the link should expand to a subscription box.
  3. Copy-paste the subscription box that works in one of your old posts to your new post.

If 1-3 don’t work, hold control+k after highlighting your call-to-action (ex. Get weekly updates of my Medium posts!). The hyperlinked text will directly lead readers onto your email signup form.

4) Do I need to add my email collecting box every time I publish a new Medium post?

Yes. It’s a good habit too, because you never know when one of your posts goes viral.

5) Can I use story cards for my publication?

We designed story cards for a specific writer, but here’s a suggestion for setting up story cards for your publication: Manually add the Medium posts you want under your story card landing page.

6) What happens if I publish more than one post a day. Will the system hold off on emailing my subscribers until the next day? Or will it lump multiple posts together?

If you publish more than one post a day, our system will send a notification for every post. But it won’t lump the posts together, because we’ve found that people tend to ignore posts from the same email or are more likely to unsubscribe. That’s why we reverted back to sending 1-2 emails a day.   

7) I just posted a story on Medium and it didn’t get sent to my subscribers. What happened?

Our system takes some time to check over every email queue from all of our users to make sure there’s no duplicates. It’s an important process, because there’s more harm done if subscribers get the same post twice. Your email updates may not send out instantly, but it will within 24 hours.

8) Will the people who signed up for my posts be notified if I write a response or comment on another’s post?

Nope. We’ve designed a special system in Rabbut that filters actual stories from responses and comments. You won’t get this feature from Mailchimp and other email platforms.

9) When I sync Rabbut to Mailchimp, will the new subscribers from my Rabbut form be added to Mailchimp? Or will the new subscribers from my Mailchimp form be added to Rabbut?

Synchronizing your email list works both ways, meaning all of your subscribers on your Mailchimp and Rabbut list will be combined together.

So say you have 100 unique subscribers on Rabbut and 1,000 unique subscribers on Mailchimp. Once you sync your list, you’ll have 1,100 subscribers under your Rabbut list and 1,100 subscribers under your Mailchimp list.

10) Why is the total number of subscribers different on my Rabbut and Mailchimp email list?

The difference comes from the people who’ve unsubscribed from your email list. Rabbut doesn’t show who unsubscribed, but Mailchimp does (in a hidden tab).

Those who’ve unsubscribed won’t receive your email updates. But if you’d like to send your subscribers something other than a Medium story like an important announcement or a promotion, you have all the emails on your Rabbut list.



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