Your Rabbut Career.

It’s time to make a difference and become a superhero at Rabbut.

What do I get working at Rabbut?

A list of the perks, benefits and all other great stuff you get to take for granted.

  • Full coverage health plans

    Look: we’re lazy. If you’re sick, it means we’ve got to do your job too. That's why at Rabbut, your health comes first.

  • Dental and vision plans

    If you can't eat, you'll die. If you can't see, you can't work. Again, we're pretty lazy so it's better for us that you have dental and vision coverage.

  • Gym membership of your choice

    Studies show that people who go to the gym are more productive. Please go work out. It's in our best interest.

  • Free lunch and dinner

    It sounds good, but to be honest, we're just doing this cause we're picky - if we cater, we get to decide what we feel like eating for lunch.

  • Your phone bill paid

    We want to make reach you by phone 24/7. If you're late to work because we can't give you a wakeup call, that's not ideal for us.

  • All expenses-paid group vacations

    We bring you along to these vacations so we'll be sure that you'll still be working even while you're on vacation. At Rabbut, that's a win-win.

  • Gas expenses paid

    Howard was late to work last week because he ran out of gas. It won't ever happen again. If it means getting him to work on time, it's worth it.

  • Nerf gun Fridays

    We like to de-stress. Comes with the hard work. You're our moving target. Hope you're ready.

  • Private chef and cooking lessons (only if you want)
  • Archery lessons (zombie apocalypse preparation)
  • Double or triple monitors (4″ monitors)
  • Awesome eye candy (we’re all good looking people here)
  • Quality headphones (110mhz if you’re into technical specs)
  • Paid for premium music streaming services (no karaoke please)
  • Remote working is okay (we want a break from you too)
  • Ergonomic office chair of your choice (we like to play musical chairs so it matters)
  • Standing or sitting desks (we have extra bricks lying around for you to make a standing desk)
  • Work laptop of your choice (mac or windows)
  • Weekly massages (you’ll feel like a turkey)
  • Corporate-level pranks (some really intense stuff)
  • Free water (it’s tap, but you can get both hot and cold water)
  • Snacks, beverages & more (this is human bait)
  • Scenic work environment (we have fake grass and trees. They last forever)
  • Central air conditioning and heating (we’re pretty sure that box is a thermostat)
  • Wear whatever you want to work (let’s keep this PG-13 yeah?)
  • Referral bonus ($5,000 for every good looking person you refer and we hire)
  • Bad referral punishment (- $6,000 for every person you refer that we hire and fire within 6 months)

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