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Five tricks on increasing exposure for your company on Medium

Kate Chan

Little tweaks that you can do right now to get BIG results

Most people jump into conclusion that Medium doesn’t work for their company because they see low shares and recommends. What I see are lost opportunities of exposures that companies could have gained if they utilize Medium in the right way. Today, I’m going to share with you the five actionable tips that I’ve...
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Medium Letters vs Personal Email Subscription: Which Gets More Engagement? 

Tiffany Sun

As a content marketer, I’m always testing new experiments and figuring out innovative ways that get me more results — signups, views, customers, social shares, and the list goes on.

Just the other day I read Hailley Griffis’ post, Read More

Content Marketer vs. Writer: Which One Are You?

Ivana Kitanovic

If nothing else, this year has been a battlefield of two pairs of characters we know so well. They’re people whom we look up to and aspire to be one day. We’re wowed when we see their results before us, yet we can’t really decide on which side we’re leaning.

I’m not talking about Iron Man vs. Captain America or Batman against Superman. I’m referring to the never-ending dilemma of many bloggers out there. Am I just a writer or a content marketer? Should you choose? Can you be both? We’ll look into everything in just a second.


Grow Your Authority with Link Building

Ivana Kitanovic

“This is white and this is black!” and “This is white and this is black!” is not the same.


The difference lies in the people that say it. Admit it, if the CEO of the largest company that produces paint tells you this, you’ll believe them right away. Whereas you won’t even consider it if it comes from a random passerby in the street. You’ll have doubts whether what they are showing to you is white or black.

It’s not a secret that everyone believes in authority. They accept things easier when they come from a trusted source. And the same happens with blogs and sites online. The more authoritative you are, the higher you’ll rank in the search engines and the more people will come to you.


Basic Things You Need to Become a Link Building Expert – Part 2

Ivana Kitanovic

Do you know why people build bridges and roads? It’s because they cannot leave isolated from each other. And your blog isn’t much different.

Without the support of other blogs and websites out there, your chances of attracting attention and showing yourself to the public are very close to zero. If you just publish posts and wait for traffic to magically appear on your blog, you need to build bridges yourself. And fast.


What You Should Do First Before Outreaching to Bloggers

Ivana Kitanovic

At one point, you must have found yourself in a situation when no matter how many emails you send, bloggers just don’t reply back. All hopeful, you craft the perfect email, yet they still don’t lift a finger to click it. Have you asked yourself why is that?

I’m sure multiple times. That’s normal for the basic reason that the blogging community cannot exist without mutual collaboration. Whether it’s to ask for a favor of some sort, promotion of your blog or guest posting, you need other bloggers to help you swim in these rather tricky waters. Some are always more popular than the others and have larger audiences that can satisfy anyone’s needs including yours. Here’s why it’s crucial that you develop an efficient outreaching strategy.


Basic Things You Need to Become a Link Building Expert – Part 1

Ivana Kitanovic

Spiders weave their webs across walls and houses, connecting the places they want to go to. The further the web stretches, the more success they’ll have in reaching the wanted destination. (Just hope it’s not your room 😉 ).

The same as them, you should carefully plan and build your unyielding connection between your pages, as well as other websites preferably in your field of expertise. To achieve that, you don’t need the spider’s silk. You need to learn how to become a link building expert.


How to Best Ask an Unsubscribed Contact to Resubscribe

Ivana Kitanovic

The same as every coin has two sides, every experience in life has a good and bad outcome. It’s a reality and that’s nothing to fear or be ashamed of. Whether it’s school, a job you’re doing, your friendship or at home, unplanned stuff may happen. And that stuff somehow finds their way in the “dangerous” waters of blogging filled with uncertainty and ambition to succeed.

You must be wondering, which uncertainties I’m talking about. They’re, of course, the unsubscribers. Yes. One of the worst things that can happen to a blogger is to have their email list emptying with a rapid speed. You struggle with unsubscribe rates and everything seems like you’re dreaming your worst nightmare. However, don’t worry! Those things don’t happen overnight. Usually, a few contacts decide to break the relationship with your blog and that’s something that can be taken care of.


How to Track If People Read Your Content

Ivana Kitanovic

It’s in the human nature to require some sort of response from others. No matter what we do, we want to see that others enjoy it and like it. For bloggers, that satisfaction is measured through the number of readers of their content.

As a writer, you must feel some kind of an excitement after you hit the ‘publish’ button and your post appears on your blog’s page. Your heart flutters and your mind is filling with all the thoughts connected with whether people will like your words, share them or comment. I guessed it, right?


Simple Outreach Hacks That Will Get Influential People to Reply Back

Ivana Kitanovic

Every field of expertise has certain people that stand out. They possess the ability to drag the masses toward them and convince them to contribute to their idea. It’s how they become influential in their fields, in the first place. And you can get something out of that, too.

How? By asking of course. Just locate the so-called influencers in your niche and contact them. Ah. That’s where I come in. Clearly, it’s quite easy to craft the question, making the answer the real problem. Usually, these influential people are too busy and reluctant to open every email they receive.


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