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Unit 0: Everything You Need to Know About Growing Your Following Base on Medium

Tiffany Sun

This is Unit 0 of Medium marketing. Before we jump into the course, let me tell you a little backstory about why I write on Medium.

I take Medium very seriously.

It’s the first thing I check in the morning. Not my emails. Not slack. Not my text messages. Medium.

I’m not doing this solely because of work (well maybe that’s a part...
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50 Blogging tools to help you work smarter, write faster and become irresistible to your readers

Tiffany Sun

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

When I started writing, I didn’t use any tools. All I had were my laptop, notes, and head.

I thought that was all you need to publish something great, which is true. That is all you need. But the time and work you invest into one post isn’t enough to become an influential writer — it actually takes many exceptional...
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The Secret Sauce to Going Viral on Medium | 10 Real Stories

Tiffany Sun
We all want to know the secret of becoming the next Internet phenomenon, like Numa Numa Boy or PSY from Gangnam Style — except as a writer on Medium.

And the good news is, it’s...
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10 Free Image Sources For a Stunning Blog Post 

Tiffany Sun
Handpicked selections of the best. 

How hard is it to write a stunning blog post?


Just punch down the most ingenious idea you have. Throw in some magical quotes to trigger some deep emotions that’d beckon people to highlight (or possibly bookmark) your post. Then slap on a suitable image for your blog header to finish off your ‘masterpiece.’

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I write because I care

Tiffany Sun
Most of us write, because we are pressured to.

We write because our parents want us to be literate. We write because it’s required by school. We write because our followers expect us to deliver.

But when did we ever write because we care? 

Rarely now.

The fear of seeing our stats drop and our existence slip away into the mass...
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Five Ways to Revive a Dead Medium Post

Kate Chan

The average shelf life for a Medium post is a week.

If you write on Medium often, you’ll notice that your stats may look something like this.


Once your post reach that seventh day, views start to diminish,...
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Five tricks on increasing exposure for your company on Medium

Kate Chan

Little tweaks that you can do right now to get BIG results

Most people jump into conclusion that Medium doesn’t work for their company because they see low shares and recommends. What I see are lost opportunities of exposures that companies could have gained if they utilize Medium in the right way. Today, I’m going to share with you the five actionable tips that I’ve...
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500+ Breathtaking Blog Topics You’ll Ever Need

Ivana Kitanovic

Let’s face it. We can never get enough blog topics.

As much as we think we found them all, new ones pop up and make us struggle with the right choice. Literally, there are so many of them that they leave every blogger doubting and even scared of all that chaos.

You always need topics to write about. Topics that will wow all readers and keep them coming back to you and your blog. They could be in any niche and target any audience. What matters is that you center your whole writing on them. Think you can do that, yet you don’t know which topics to use?


The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting Sites

Ivana Kitanovic

It’s not a secret that some blogs do better online than others. They have a bunch of subscribers, traffic overflows their posts every day and their success is rocket high. They aren’t called influencers in their fields for nothing.

All of this leads us to the logical explanation that these bloggers contribute a great deal to the public’s opinion about different things. Simply, they shape the way people view things. Where are we heading?

It’s quite clear. You and your blog. If you want to expand your reach and actually make a difference with your writing, a clever idea would be to knock on other bloggers’ door and ask for a cup of tea at their house. Of course, not actual tea, but rather one in the form of a blog post on their site. Ah. Now we are talking.


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