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50 Blogging tools to help you work smarter, write faster and become irresistible to your readers

Tiffany Sun

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When I started writing, I didn’t use any tools. All I had were my laptop, notes, and head.

I thought that was all you need to publish something great, which is true. That is all you need. But the time and work you invest into one post isn’t enough to become an influential writer — it actually takes many exceptional...
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The Secret Sauce to Going Viral on Medium | 10 Real Stories

Tiffany Sun
We all want to know the secret of becoming the next Internet phenomenon, like Numa Numa Boy or PSY from Gangnam Style — except as a writer on Medium.

And the good news is, it’s...
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10 Free Image Sources For a Stunning Blog Post 

Tiffany Sun
Handpicked selections of the best. 

How hard is it to write a stunning blog post?


Just punch down the most ingenious idea you have. Throw in some magical quotes to trigger some deep emotions that’d beckon people to highlight (or possibly bookmark) your post. Then slap on a suitable image for your blog header to finish off your ‘masterpiece.’

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I write because I care

Tiffany Sun
Most of us write, because we are pressured to.

We write because our parents want us to be literate. We write because it’s required by school. We write because our followers expect us to deliver.

But when did we ever write because we care? 

Rarely now.

The fear of seeing our stats drop and our existence slip away into the mass...
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Day 8: How to Go Viral on Medium

Tiffany Sun

Bonuses and More

Congratulations, you made it! How do you feel now?

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Day 6: How to Go Viral on Medium

Tiffany Sun

Reaching The Threshold

A few lessons back, we mentioned the key to making it to the top stories: At least 100 recommends within the first hour the post gets published.

To get that kind of magnitude, we knew our post had to be in front of a large target audience within 24 hours. But the question was how and who to announce it to?

We decided to go with email to broadcast our upcoming posts to our subscribers...
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Day 4: How to Go Viral on Medium

Tiffany Sun

Little Things That Make Your Medium Post Stand Out (Part 1)

Over the past year, we never took the time to sit down and think about why we enjoy reading so much on Medium compared to other story outlets.

Content no doubt.

But aside from content, we’d missed the small basic elements that glues the whole piece together.

  • Font
  • Header images
  • Quotes
  • Tags
  • Paragraph length
  • Section...
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Day 2: How to Go Viral on Medium

Tiffany Sun

In Search of the Next Viral Idea

Here’s what we knew. To create a viral post, you need at least 100 recommends within the first hour the post gets published.

To get that many recommends within a short period of time, we first needed to understand WHY people recommend a post.

What triggers people to hit that recommend button?

To answer this, we went back to the last three posts we recommended on...
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Unit 4 Behind the Scene of Every Successful Medium Post

Tiffany Sun
It’s done! The story you’ve spent ages on, or the one that has drained every working brain cell you have. Doesn’t matter though, because you know this story will hit it big.

Or will it?

In most cases, no.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the truth is, it’s almost impossible to get your story noticed — especially when 4,000,000+ blog posts are getting published everyday.

[caption id="attachment_6904"...
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